What is bed sore and Treatment

What is bed sore and Treatment
What is bed sore and Treatment
What is bed sore and Treatment .Bedsore is also called pressure sores and pressure ulcers it Damages to skin and underlying tissue resulting from extended pressure on the skin.Bedsores most often develop on skin that covers Skeletal areas of the body such as the heels,ankles and hips,head ,and ear can also involve in this .
Causes Of Bed sore .
1-Hard surface wheel chair or wet place .
2-Mostly when Patient cant move out of the bed be self .
3-Orthopedic patients who lying straight .
4-sugar patients
There are 4 stages of Bed sore What is bed sore and Treatment
1-First Stage it damages soft skin minimal pain in the involved Areas not any open wound appearance .Slightly redness or swelling .
2-2nd stage skin breaks and open wound.pain expended in area .appearance like a Ulcer.
3-3rd Stage the sore gets worse and boost into the tissue Below the skin Build a little hole. Fat may show in the sore,but not muscle,Tissue,and bone.
4-4th Stage 4thIn the 4th Stage the pressure sore is too far embracing into muscle and bone and causing major bruise .bruise to major tissue tendons and joint may appears.
there may be minimal or no pain because of significant tissues dead. Serious complexity such as infection of the bones.infection expend in other area of the body.
Protection Of Bed Sore
1-Apply Bed sore air mattress .
2-Change posture after 3 to 4 hourly .
4-keep Dry the pressure area .it will not wet .you may use lotion or petroleum gel.
5-massage the patient back daily .

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