First aid box medium size empty

Size Medium
Easy to carry
Be prepare before an emergency.
Take care your self
Delivery within 48 to 72 hours.


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First aid box medium size empty First aid box medium size empty
It affords with the ability to provide help during emergency situation. If someone ingests hazardous substances,or suffers health related problem such as a heart attack,or if a natural disaster comes at any time, a person knowledgeable in first aid becomes more than another bystander. Instead, they become an invaluable Help and support not only to victims but also to professional emergency rescue ponders and medical practitioner.First aid box medium size empty you must have First aid box at home .if you go out side like picnic,out of the town keep it in you car with you .emergency can happen at any time
First aid box medium size light weight
you can carry with you any where
this is necessary for home and out side in emergency
Be prepare before emergency
take care your self