Reflexology Points to Control Diabetes: Knee Massage

Place your fingers 2 centimeters below the knee, as shown in the picture. Massage this area with a little pressure for 5 minutes every day. It balances the digestive system. Diabetes is said to begin with stomach fire and proper digestion can reduce this problem. You will immediately see the result. This method is also used to prevent aging, arthritis and other forms of weaknesses.


Thumb and Index Finger joint:

This pressure point is very essential to relieve any kind of pain. Hold the joint between the thumb and index finger. Press and massage it for 5 minutes. You will experience relief in the large intestine. It also helps to reduce excess heat in the body. You will feel energetic and stress – free.

Thumb and Index Finger joints to Control DiabetesFeet Pressure Points:

This pressure point as you can see in the picture targets the liver. This is the best point for the treatment of insomnia, diabetes and hypertension. Regularly pressing and massaging this point will help to reduce diabetes. Foot reflexology for diabetes is practiced to control the blood glucose levels.

Feet Pressure Points to Control Diabetes

Back of Knee Point:

The back of the knee represents the urinary bladder. Any kind of impurities can be drain out by massaging this point. Look at the picture, the point which is marked is the pressure point. Lay pressure on this point for at least 5 minutes every day. Excess urination and other problems related to the urinary tract will be reduced.

Back of Knee Point to control diabetes

Hand Pressure Point:

The area near your wrist below the little finger is the pressure point that is good for the heart. All the emotions and stress from the heart will be reduced by massaging this point. Regularly.

Hand Toe Point to control diabetes

Big Toe Point:

Apply pressure under the big toe with the help of your fingers. Since it is hard for you to do this alone, ask a friend to help. The pressure points under the big toe will help in giving a long term relief from diabetes. Regularly pressing this point will prove to be fruitful, as it worked for many other diabetic patients.

Big Toe Point to control diabetes

Performing reflexology for diabetes is simple and easy. It also helps in the overall development of the body. By practicing reflexology on these sensitive areas you can even cut down the medicine intake. These reflex points are also useful for people who may be affected with diabetes in future. Though diabetes is said to be incurable, the proper use of reflex points will be affective to relieve you from the pain.

This is a genetically transmitted condition and these reflex points help prevent you from being affected. Along with helping your body work better, it will relieve stress and tension. You can also use these to target any organ in your body. As mentioned above the pressure points focus on better functioning of some organs. Try these simple reflexology methods to improve your health.

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