Low Blood Pressure Causes and Symptoms

Low Blood Pressure Causes and Symptoms Low Blood Pressure Causes and SymptomsLow blood pressure is also called as hypotension, in this blood pressure in arteries is abnormally low. But if your blood pressure drops too low, it can restrict the amount of blood flowing to brain and other vitals organ. which can cause unsteadiness Drowsiness or fainting.
Or (When Blood pressure is lower than Normal level it is called Hypotension )
Normal Blood Pressure

Age Low Normal High

6 to 13 years 90/60 105/70 115/80

20 to 24 years 108/75 120/79 132/83

25 to 29 years 109/76 121/80 133/84

35 to 39 years 111/78 123/82 135/86

45 to 49 years 115/80 127/84 139/88

60 to 64 years 121/83 134/87 147/91
Sign and Symptoms of Low BP
1-Dizziness or lightheartedness.
2-Fainting (Drowsiness)
3-Lack of concentration.
4-Blurred vision.
5-Nausea(feel like vomiting)
6-Coldness,confuse, pale skin.
7-Rapid, shallow breathing.
Causes of Low Blood Pressure
1-Vomiting more than 3 to 4
2-Severe Exhaustion
3-Heat stroke in Summer
4-Excessive usage of alcohol
5-Emotional matters
6-Neurological problems
7-Malnutrition: less intake of Water and food habits A diet deficient in vitamins and minerals-less supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues of the body .
8-Dilation of Varicose Veins.
Precautions of Low BP
Low Bp is dangerous than high BP. Follow These Instructions
1-Drink excessive of water to keep the body hydrated. Dehydration is one of the big causes of low blood pressure especially in summer .
2-Keep away from hot environment in summer. Heat dilates blood vessels and increases sweating both of which result lowering of BP. Avoid physical exertion when it gets too hot.
3-When getting out of bed or leaving a chair after sitting for a long time, stand up slowly. Sit on the bed side or stretch for 1 minute, before getting down from the bed or the chair.
4-avoid or less Use of alcohol . Alcohol significantly reduces BP.
5-Do not sit or sleep with crossed legs. Crossing legs constricts blood into the lower parts of the body and significantly Lowering of blood pressure.
6-When standing for a long time drink water at regular periods.

Low Blood Pressure Causes and Symptoms

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