Causes of high blood pressure and precautions

Causes of high blood pressure and precautions Causes of high blood pressure and precautions
Causes of high blood pressure High blood pressure is also called Hypertension .Normal blood pressure is (systolic) 110 to 130 in Adult person and (Diastolic)70 to 90 if your blood pressure is higher than these measurement it,s called High blood pressure .
Normal blood pressure According to age and Gender
Age — —-Low —- Normal —- High

6 to 13 years 90/60 105/70 115/80

20 to 24 years 108/75 120/79 132/83

25 to 29 year 109/76 121/80 133/84

35 to 39 years 111/78 123/82 135/86

45 to 49 years 115/80 127/84 139/88

60 to 64 years 121/83 134/87 147/91

What is systolic .
This is higher (BP) pressure in your arteries during contraction of heart muscles.
What is Diastolic
This is lower (BP) blood pressure when your heart muscle is between beat.
Causes of Hypertension
What is the exactly cause of high blood pressure are not know .But some factors and conditions may be caused to high blood pressure
1-Extra weight or Over weight
2-Lack of exercise or physical activity
3-Habitual Smoking and and Alcohol
5-Spicy meal or Extra uses of Salt
6-Age factor
7-Lack of sleep
8-Chronic kidney disease and thyroid disease
9-Family history

Symptoms of high Blood Pressure
1-sever Headache
2-Chest pain
4-Confusion or fatigue
5-vision down
6-Difficulty in Breathing
7-Irregular pulse
8-haematuria (blood in urine ) or some time Nose bleeding
9-Pounding in chest,neck,and ears.
Precautions of High Blood pressure
1-Healthy Diet
Eat low calories diet . Drink 1.5 to 2 liter water daily .take fat free diet . use low salt in meal.Eat fruit like apple ,banana,orange .
2-Lose Extra weight and Fat
Blood pressure increases when body weight increase lose you extra weight your weight should be normal according to height .
3-Exercise Daily
Daily exercise is very important to keep normalize Blood pressure
4-Reduce salt in your diet
Even a small reduction of salt in your diet can reduce blood pressure by 3 to 9 mmHg.
5- Avoid Alcohol
Alcohol may be both good and bad for your health.Use In small amounts, it can potentially lower your blood pressure by 3 to 6 mm Hg.
5-Avoid smoking every cigarette you smoke increases your blood pressure for many minutes after finish Do not smoking .if you are habitual smoker reduce or quit.
6-Reduce your tension /em>
Chronic Tension is an important contributor to Hypertension. Often tension also can contribute to hypertension if you react to stress by eating unhealthy Meal drinking alcohol and smoking.Keep relax and never shock .

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