Air mattress for patient

Hospital Air mattress with pump 1 bubble inflatable
this mattress prevents a patient from bedsores or pressure ulcers
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Air mattress for the patient to protect from the bedsoreAir mattress for patient

About Mattress :

  • Bubbles on A-B lines, alternating inflation provides the superior therapeutic treatment.
  • Made up of durable and low toxic premium vinyl sheet.


Air mattress for patient

About Pump :

  • Simple, reliable and easy to use.
  • Aluminum motor cover.
  • Low noise pump, low vibration and produces very low temperature.
  • Knob for easy pressure adjustment
  • Easy to fix on the bed frame

Air mattress for patient

Air mattress for patient
Medicare plus Air Mattress dimension is available in two adaptation bubble types and cell type. With this complete assortment, we offer solutions for all four “Pressure Ulcer Classification Stage 1 to 4. Whereas the bubble type is approved for stage 1 to 2 the cell type is suggested for stage 2 to 4. The 2 to 1 alternating inflation method is inflating ½ of the cells and deflating the other. Air mattress for the patient to protect from bedsore.
Important of Air mattress for Patient
Air mattress is most important and essential for the patient who can not move out of the bed mostly bed bond patient or orthopedic, paralyzed patient, Air mattress gives protection from bedsore also gives relaxation to the patient at sleep time. Air mattress for the patient to protect from bedsore. Apply Air mattress under the Patients at home and product from bedsore or pressure sores, or ulcers.
A bedsore is also called Pressure ulcers also known as pressure sores. bedsores and pressure ulcers are sectarian injuries to the skin or underlying tissues that commonly occurs over a bony eminence as a result of pressure or pressure in consolidation with shear and frictions. Air mattress protect the patient from the bedsore
We sell the best quality product Air mattress for patients care bedsore prevention for your patients to apply Air mattresses and keep safe your patients from bed sores or pressure ulcers. Now you place the order online and can get at the home doorstep within 48 to 72 hours.

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